The Nantucket Style Cameo Silhouette

The Nantucket Style Cameo Silhouette

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The perfect keepsake, Custom cameo silhouette. Each cameo is hand drawn by Katie, digitalized and printed on fine art watercolor paper. You will receive an 8x10 art piece that is ready to be framed *please note, I do not sell frames, if you choose a border option, I have designed the border to give a faux matted look. The border is part of the design and not a separate piece. 

*custom pieces will take 2-3 weeks before ship time, based off of the date your photographs have been sent. Please email your silhouette photos to with your name and order number as soon as possible.

Tips on how to achieve the perfect silhouette photograph:

1. Only one eye and one cheek should be visible

2. Relaxed mouth (no teeth smile)

3. Shoot from the same level - not above or below

4. Does not need to be a plain background, capture them sitting on the couch while they are watching tv. Feel free to send a few photos (via email to


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