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 Part One : DIY faux bamboo dresser paint project
I’ve been meaning to give our bedroom a little makeover for quite sometime and if you follow along on my Instagram @katiehermanart then you might know I’ve been thrifting for faux bamboo furniture and recently made my first set of cornice boards. Since I received so many messages about how I painted the furniture, I figured I’d share some secrets in this super easy DIY. 

First things first, let me share my major excitement over my “new” Henry Link Bali Hai highboy dresser. I won’t take all the credit in finding this treasure, because I honestly stalk @palmbeachthrifters and have  found quite a few pieces from what they share. 

I had to go back into my archive to pull out my only before picture. This piece was in great shape and I was originally torn between painting it pink or green. Then I saw a navy faux bamboo dresser on Pinterest and my decision was made. I was determined to find matching nightstands to complete the set and luckily a few weeks later (again thanks to following the thrifting queen) I snatched up a pair at a different thrift shop - but was too excited to capture a before picture. 
DIY Faux Bamboo furniture painting
1. Foam sanding block (fine)
2. Rag or sticky cloth to wipe away sanded dust
3. 2 in 1 spray paint & primer ( sharing a pic of my new fave brand)
4. Polyurethane gloss in clear
5. Foam brush for polyurethane 
6. Gold paint and small paint brush for hardware

I have used pretty much every brand of spray paint and I thought I was a rusto-leum girl for life, but this Krylon fusion all-in-one kinda blew my mind. I found it at Ace Hardware and it will be my go to for any future projects. Great coverage, no drips, and sprayed so evenly it earned this paragraph on my blog. Also, this is by no means an ad or sponsored in anyway - just sharing my opinion on products I paid for and recommend. 

1. Remove all hardware and lightly sand all surfaces 
2. Wipe off all dust from the sanding with a rag or sticky cloth. If you use a damp rag, dry off any dampness
3. Without trying to completely cover on your first layer of spraying, just lightly spray a first coat on the drawers and all sides of the dresser
4. Stay the recommended distance away from the piece you are spraying and allow for dry time in between coats to avoid dripping. If for some reason you experience drips, you can wait until it is completely dry, sand the drip and continue with spraying 
5. Once piece is evenly covered and dry, I used a clear polyurethane gloss to add more shine. I only used the polyurethane on the tops of my dresser and nightstand. I used a wide foam brush to apply the polyurethane to avoid paintbrush strokes
6. I wanted to use the original hardware so I brightened it up with gold art deco paint that I purchased at Home Depot
7. Once dry, reattach hardware 
8. Admire your new furniture, that’s it! Seriously so easy
Stay tuned for my next DIY on how you can easily make your own cornice board window treatments!

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