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DIY Ice Bucket. Switch up your bar cart decor every season, holiday and party with this fun DIY!

Roll out your bar cart, this acrylic ice bucket is about to bring some joy! If you are like me and get excited about the little things, like changing out your seasonal holiday decor- you are going to love this super easy DIY. The ice bucket is basically two pieces of acrylic plastic that sit into each other to prevent condensation. These two pieces are not attached, so you are able to decorate with fabric, wrapping paper, photographs..pretty much anything you can fit in between the two pieces of the bucket, because it will not get wet! Now of course you can't throw the whole thing in the dishwasher, but you could easily hand wash the two pieces. 


  1. Double Wall Acrylic Ice Bucket - I purchased this one off of amazon for $14.99 
  2. Fabric or wrapping paper of your choice - Measuring 22 inches long x 6 and 3/4 inches wide (these measurements will allow for just enough over lapping
  3. Add a custom vinyl monogram for a personal touch - I placed mine on the outside of my ice bucket, that way I can easily switch out the fabric / wrapping paper. I chose gold vinyl for my monogram because it goes with everything- and I'm already picturing it over the red and green plaid paper for the holidays, I love Christmas eek!


  • Cut wrapping paper or fabric to measurements provided. 
  • Lift out the inner bucket- this is what you will wrap your fabric or decorative paper around. 
  • Secure paper or fabric to inner bucket - with wrapping paper I just used clear tape. 
  • Place wrapped inner bucket back into larger bucket 
  • Apply vinyl monogram sticker on the outside of ice bucket - ta da! That's it

I have already tested this out with both fabric and wrapping paper, and they both look beautiful. Fabric is a little more work, but if you sew you probably have scraps of fun patterned fabric you could use and this will surely last longer and won't get ruined if it happens to get wet. Wrapping paper is the quickest and easiest way to change it up - remember it is inside the two walls of the ice bucket, so it wont get wrinkled.

The options for this are truly endless and it's such a fun way to dress up the bar for a special occasion. If you try this little project I'd love to see it! Tag me on instagram @katiehermanart 

Make your home happy, add more color!



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  • JoAnn on

    I can’t find that ice bucket on amazon-any ideas? It’s so cute BTW.

  • Tamara on

    OMG. How fabulous is this!?!?! And now I can toss the FIVE buckets taking up space and use this for any theme or decor!! 😍😍

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